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Your home and business can be monitored to protect against theft and losses due to fire, freeze, and water damage. In addition, your family can be safer with early detection of smoke, carbon monoxide or propane leaks.

Computers and Network Equipment

Satanta Electronics installs computer systems from Dell and Hewlett Packard as the hardware of many of our surveillance systems and access control systems. We also provide Western Digital hard drives and Network Attached Storage drive systems. We recommend the Western Digital "Purple" drives as our most dependable surveillance storage drive.

Video Insight software completes our surveillance recording systems with camera inputs scalable up to hundreds of high-definition IP network cameras.


Network Equipment

Satanta Electronics provides full-spectrum network installation. We offer networking equipment from such vendors as Netgear and Engenius. From the modem, through the router and switches and including wireless access points, we can configure your network for maximum throughput, best security, and optimum signal strength. Today's wireless devices require robust WiFi signals and wide bandwidth for best performance, and our products deliver signal strength reliably.


WiFi, like internet access, has become an essential of modern life. Satanta Electronics can provide the equipment and technical expertise to make sure your WiFi signal performs up to your expectations. Many of our surveillance systems now include WiFi bridges spanning as much as 2-miles. This wireless bridge allows us to bring high-definition video from remote sites into the primary recording system.

Engenius WAP

One of our WiFi bridge installations.