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Your home and business can be monitored to protect against theft and losses due to fire, freeze, and water damage. In addition, your family can be safer with early detection of smoke, carbon monoxide or propane leaks.

Total Connect means total control

Satanta Electronics can equip your home or business with the infrastructure and intelligence to allow you total awareness and total control. Honeywell has developed a service package that no other company can match, and Satanta Electronics provides the technical expertise to fully realize the capabilities of this powerful technology. High-speed internet and cellular communicators deliver instantaneous status reports and text messages right to your phone or computer.

Total Connect has become an entire ecosystem, able to coordinate and simplify operations of your home or business. From the doorbell to the thermostat, from the light switch to the motorized window shade, a Total Connect system gives you total control over all of it. Cameras can be integrated for display on the same screen, allowing you to see who's at the door and then unlock the door to let them in all from one control screen. All of this is possible from inside your home or from another state, using your smartphone or computer.

Like to try Total Connect features for yourself? Just click on the interactive screen below to launch the Total Connect demo. ***NOTE--Some browsers may take more than 30 seconds to load this demo file. This demo runs on Adobe Flash Player, so you may need to download the plugin for your specific browser.

Z Wave Communications

You'll notice in the demo that your Total Connect system will allow you to take control of many conventional devices, such as lights, door locks, thermostats, water valves and garage doors. This is possible because of the Z-Wave communications technology built-in to many Honeywell alarm systems and keypads. Z Wave devices are particularly smart, because the panel not only sends commands to the devices, it also receives status signals from the device. Therefore, a thermostat can report the current temperature in your home, while a light switch can tell you if it is on. Door locks report locked or unlocked status right on the Total Connect display. This is full control and full awareness of all your home systems. Beyond those devices that incorporate a Z Wave communicator, you can take control of "dumb" devices by plugging them into a Z Wave AC outlet. Activate those Christmas lights with your iPad from beside the fire! Set the schedule timer to turn them off at midnite. Satanta Electronics sells and installs a wide variety of Z Wave devices, including lights, door locks, thermostats, and water valves.

Instant Communication

Our alarm systems make use of high speed internet and cellular communicators. This provides nearly instant communications from the alarm panel to the customer. Both email and text alerts can be sent by the Total Connect system. You can receive a notification when your employee arms the alarm system at the end of the day. You can create a scheduled notification to let you know each time your alarm system at home is armed, or disarmed. You'll receive a quick text message when your children disarm the system after school, and you can also receive a reminder if that disarming has not occurred by a preset time.

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Total Connect services now make your smartphone and computer more powerful. More than email and phone calls, you can now reach out and take control of the operational systems at your home and business. This can all be done with realtime video monitoring allowing you to see what's happening. With Honeywell equipment, Total Connect interactive services, and Satanta Electronics installation and service to realize the power of this technology, you can have real control and awareness from anywhere.