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Your home and business can be monitored to protect against theft and losses due to fire, freeze, and water damage. In addition, your family can be safer with early detection of smoke, carbon monoxide or propane leaks.

Intelligent Security Systems

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Satanta Electronics installs the Honeywell Ademco line of burglar alarm systems. As a worldwide leader in technology, Honeywell brings unequalled resources and financial strength to the Ademco line. With the Lynx series of wireless controllers, Tuxedo Touch keypads, and the most complete line of commercial detection panels on the market, no other manufacturer can deliver the technology and features of the Ademco line. Satanta Electronics professional installation and technical service support complete the package, ensuring the reliability and performance you require to protect your home, your business, your family. Honeywell Ademco systems leverage the strength of today's communications technologies to provide instant, interactive control and monitoring over the internet and the cellular network. Honeywell operates their own cellular backbone, the Alarm Net system. This communication hub allows us to provide daily verification of the communication capabilities of all of our customers systems.

High-speed internet service and robust cellular networks have enabled a new level of service in the alarm industry today. Wired phone systems are quickly being replaced by cellular communicators as the primary communications technology for modern alarm systems. With the cellular connection, interactive services such as Total Connect are now possible.The Total Connect features are unrivalled in the industry.

What Total Connect can do:

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Smarter Homes are Safer Homes

With a Lynx 7000 controller or Tuxedo Touch touchscreen keypad, your new alarm system can combine intelligent security solutions with a convenient display of compatible security cameras. These 7" displays allow you to always see who's at the door before you open the door. The system functions and video displays can also be mirrored on other devices including smartphones, tablets and computers. Satanta Electronics also installs Z-Wave compatible lights, thermostats, door locks, and water valves. These integrated systems allow you to view a visitor at your front door, disarm the alarm system, and unlock the door, whether you are in the den at home or on vacation hundreds of miles away.

Commercial Systems

Satanta Electronics can provide unique solutions to your commercial security system needs. A Total Connect system in your business can eliminate those late night trips to the store to make sure the alarm was set. Just pull your system up on your smartphone or computer and the system status is instantly displayed. From the same screen, you can now arm or disarm the system. The event log lets you know which employees had interaction through the keypad, along with times of operation.

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In addition to providing convenient access to the basic system operations, immediate realtime access to your system can deliver other valuable information. Temperature sensors with low and high setpoints can give you the "heads up" you need to more quickly respond to equipment failures. Specialty sensors and detectors are available to monitor most critical operations. Moisture, humidity, gases(carbon monoxide and propane), vibration and smoke detectors improve safety and minimize downtime. Call Satanta Electronics today for a free site survey. Your upgraded system with Total Connect will make it easier for you to stay on top of your operation. We can integrate a complete high-definition surveillance system at the same time to help you minimize shrinkage and maximize employee oversight.