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Your home and business can be monitored to protect against theft and losses due to fire, freeze, and water damage. In addition, your family can be safer with early detection of smoke, carbon monoxide or propane leaks.

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Satanta Electronics, LLC was established in 1974. We are located at:

Satanta Electronics, LLC

123 Sequoyah Street

Satanta, Kansas


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Satanta Electronics, LLC

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Since 1974 Satanta Electronics has delivered technology solutions to our customers throughout the area. With the broad availability of high-speed internet and robust cellular communication, we now have very powerful tools to leverage those technologies. High-Definition video signals bring the remote parts of your world into clear view. The ability to stream these signals over the internet allows you to "see there" no matter where you are. Instant text messaging over cellular networks adds another dimension to your control. Business today demands close monitoring of complex operations. We deliver the tools to allow you to do that in a simple way.

iPhone Total Connect

There are many "Smart Home" devices on the market today. Our philosophy is that a single integrated system is superior to a multitude of separate apps for individual devices. Integration means a single screen to access all devices. It also means that all your devices are assured of "playing well together." For example, unlocking a Z-Wave enabled door lock can simultaneously turn on a light, disarm the security system, and adjust the thermostat. It can also initiate an email to you containing a snaphot from the front door camera. The technology is here today. Let us help you imagine what your home or business can become. Call today.