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Your home and business can be monitored to protect against theft and losses due to fire, freeze, and water damage. In addition, your family can be safer with early detection of smoke, carbon monoxide or propane leaks.

High-Definition Surveillance Systems

Digital cameras can now deliver 1080p or even 4k resolution to Digital Video Recorders or Network Video Recorders. Prices of these digital systems have fallen at the same time that performance and storage capacities have improved. While standard analog systems still provide an economical option, the improved performance and features of the all-digital systems make the slightly higher price easy to justify. The best remote viewing features including smartphone apps for Android and iPhone are available for both types of systems. Satanta Electronics has been installing the all digital IP(internet protocol) network cameras since 2007.

High Definition digital video performance does have another cost, increased storage requirement. Luckily, hard drive capacities have grown while hard drive prices have fallen. Also, 4G cellular and high-speed internet allow us to deliver the high-resolution live and recorded video right to your home or smartphone.

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Upgrade Your System

Just because you have one of the older analog systems in place doesn't mean you have to throw everything away to enjoy the benefits of high-definition. By upgrading your DVR to one of the hybrid MPX Digital Video Recorders, you can get 1080p high-definition video on your system without changing any wiring. MPX cameras and DVRs use your existing coaxial signal cables and power wiring, but deliver high-resolution video in a wide range of available cameras. You can even transition your system to high-definition over time, as the MPX DVRs will support your legacy cameras as well. Of course, all the additional features such as remote internet access and apps for mobile devices are included.

Camera Features

In addition to exceptional video quality, high definition camera systems come in many configurations. Outdoor cameras are available in bullet, dome, pan-tilt-zoom and 360-degree versions. They can include infrared illuminators, alarm inputs and outputs, and SD ram recording capability.

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With connection to a Digital Video Recorder or Network Video Recorder your high-definition video is digitally recorded on a hard drive for easy retrieval. Recording can be continuous, scheduled, or on the basis of a motion trigger. External devices such as standard motion detectors, door contacts, or even driveway alerts can also trigger recordings. In adddition, upon a trigger event, you can receive an email or text alert containing a JPEG snapshot at the time of the trigger event.